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DarkStar® Deformity Plus

A comprehensive spine system that provides top loading, top tightening, self-tapping screws, with a HA blasted microporous surface and poly-to-mono locking pedicle screw heads, eliminating the need for uniplanar or monoaxial screws.

We love roughing it.

Our Proprietary HA Blasted Microporous Surface

In 2008, Boyer et al conducted and published the paper Effect of Micrometer-Scale Roughness of the Surface of Ti6A14V Pedicle screws in Vitro and in Vivo. This randomized sheep study compared the osteointegration of smooth surfaced screws versus media-blasted, roughened surfaces screws.

After 12-weeks, results indicated that bone-to-implant contact in the roughened surface group was 73.5% vs. 59.6% in the smooth surface group. Also the axial torque required to remove the roughened screw was 2.3 times greater than the smooth screw, concluding that the roughened surfaced screw should limit screw micro-motions and improve construct integrity prior to fusion.


DarkStar® Deformity Plus Product Line

DarkStar Deformity Plus Reduction Multi – Axial

Pedicle Screws

DarkStar Deformity Plus Multi – Axial

Pedicle Screws
Iliac Multi – Axial Screw

2-piece, 1-piece & Iliac

Locking Caps

Offset Connectors

Closed Offset Connectors

Axial Rod Connectors

Domino Rod Connectors

Open Rod Connector

Offset Rod Connector
Cross Link
Offset Rods
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Titanium Rods
Cobalt Chrome Rods

Dark Star Deformity Plus